Our story

I’m falling into the trap of beginning a blog with the proclamation, ‘I’ve never written a blog before’. Which I haven’t, the reason being twofold; I have the IT skills of a sperm whale and, essentially, I’ve had very little interesting to share thus far*

Cara (the one with a nice face on the left) and I have spent hours engrossed in other ‘adoption journey’ blogs of late and this is a tribute to them – we’ve found them an invaluable source of information and inspiration, so we thought we’d throw our tuppence worth into the mix. I’ll link to them once I’ve learned how, as aforementioned, my skillset does not lie in Information Technology – when asked which Apple product I couldn’t live without the other day, my response was cider. Bill Gates need not worry.

We don’t claim to be experts in the field, far, far from it. But we hope that everything we go through over the coming months and years a) may prove at least a tiny bit useful to others, and b) may go some way to helping our future children understand how very much they are wanted.

*whether ‘interesting’ is an optimistic exaggeration remains to be seen