18. Not a biscuit in sight.

After being pronounced sane (laughs manically and strokes cat), we finally signed our Stage 2 Agreement at the end of April, with Home Study Visits scheduled for the first week in May. After being held in stasis for so long, we were amazed to have ALL OF OUR HOME STUDY VISITS IN A WEEK. The first … Continue reading 18. Not a biscuit in sight.

15. Stationary traffic

January should have seen all of our home study meetings take place. We dutifully completed our 'homework' and submitted prior to our first scheduled meeting with N. This essentially comprised of information supplied on multiple occasions previously, interspersed with little gems such as: 'describe your childhood in three words' and 'your saddest memory of school' … Continue reading 15. Stationary traffic

11. Assess my cat

To end our very adoption focused week, Friday saw the first visit from our assigned Social Worker, ‘N’. Obviously we’d already stalked her on Linkd In and seen she’d qualified at a local University and had worked in several settings we come in contact with through our work. After a quick Outlook search, we discovered … Continue reading 11. Assess my cat

4. Plain sailing

True to her work, the S/W sent over a write up of our interview the very next day. This was in depth and very complimentary about our relationship, which was nice. We were given the opportunity to make any adjustments or challenge inaccuracies, before she submitted. This document was then sent to senior management, to … Continue reading 4. Plain sailing

2. Before the beginning

Like many people we did a little ‘shopping around’ when it came to selecting an adoption agency and went to a few different information evenings. The first (voluntary organisation) was a little disorganised, the speaker arrived late and we were somewhat non-plussed by the presentation…although given we’d read every shred of information we could find … Continue reading 2. Before the beginning