15. Stationary traffic

January should have seen all of our home study meetings take place. We dutifully completed our 'homework' and submitted prior to our first scheduled meeting with N. This essentially comprised of information supplied on multiple occasions previously, interspersed with little gems such as: 'describe your childhood in three words' and 'your saddest memory of school' … Continue reading 15. Stationary traffic

7. Inbetweeners

We've submitted our Stage One documents. Hurrah. As it turns out, writing my chronology wasn't as painful as I'd feared; whilst the act of transcribing life's hits and misses on a timeline isn't the most pleasurable way to spend a Sunday morning (the addition of a Bloody Mary and bacon buttie would have made it … Continue reading 7. Inbetweeners

6. P r o c r a s t i n a t i n g

We're still in the infant stages of stage one, but still this adoption malarkey is all consuming. There is rarely a moment of the day when it doesn't cross my mind, yesterday I found myself absentmindedly browsing fireguards on Amazon. Fun times. Despite this, I seem to be putting off completing my 'chronology'. I should … Continue reading 6. P r o c r a s t i n a t i n g