16. Two months and a trip to Hemel later…

March saw us hit a red-bricked-bureaucratic wall. Trump-like in size and dictatorial nature, an immovable and nonsensical bullshit barrier, seemingly designed to prevent capable, well meaning people from adopting traumatised children.

Hang on a second whilst I clamber down from my pedestal and take a deep breath. Actually, now we’re tentatively moving forward and the frustrated haze is lifting, so I can be far more pragmatic about the process, but for a short while I thought we had fallen into an adoptive farce!

…After the kerfuffle with references (finally sorted, thanks once again to Mike for saving the day), the medical adviser at the adoption agency decided that I should be screened by a Clinical Psychologist to ensure that my mental health is robust enough to ‘continue the assessment’. Yes, that’s right, not to adopt a child/ren – but continue the process. As I’ve said before, it’s a bloody good thing we’re pretty resilient people, otherwise this  process would have us rocking in the corner.

So off I trot to ‘One Stop Doctors’, a private clinic located in an industrial estate in sunny Hemel Hempstead. I’ve never ‘gone private’ before, it doesn’t really fit our ideology, but it was blimmin’ marvellous – Great coffee, not something I equate with the glorious NHS and lovely staff, which I do. Two hours and £250 later (which the agency did reimburse), I was declared sane. Although as Cara frequently reminds me, this is only valid the second it is decreed, similarly to a DBS check and I could currently be batshit bonkers. I just laugh and remind her my tinfoil hat not only shields my brain from mind control gamma rays, but is also a great sandwich insulator. 


Report from Dr Hibbert:

Anna has several protective factors in her life currently and enjoys a fulfilling and balanced life. I am happy to approve her to continue the assessment to be an adopter and on the information I have do not see the past experiences as negating her as a committed and caring parent. In fact, Anna has several factors in her favour in that she has a lot of experience with dealing with large professional networks and young people with traumatic and sad histories. It is impossible to say that for any adopter certain stories and histories will not trigger a particular anxiety or thought in them, however I do not see this as any more of a risk factor for Anna than I would for another adopter.”



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