6. P r o c r a s t i n a t i n g

We’re still in the infant stages of stage one, but still this adoption malarkey is all consuming. There is rarely a moment of the day when it doesn’t cross my mind, yesterday I found myself absentmindedly browsing fireguards on Amazon. Fun times.

Despite this, I seem to be putting off completing my ‘chronology’. I should add at this juncture, that I am a fantastic procrastinator, remarkable in fact. As an adult learner I once found myself cleaning pigeon poo from the lid of a wheelie bin in a bid to avoid writing an essay, and whilst I haven’t succumbed to bin washing, I’m doing a damn good job of not completing this form.

The premise is that you list major life events, when they happened and how they impacted you. e.g.

  • March 2015 – Met Jimmy – very happy, got cat
  • June 2016 – Jimmy idiot – left Jimmy, took cat

There’s something about documenting ones trials and tribulations to be read by strangers that makes me deeply uncomfortable. Go figure.

Upon reflection, it’s actually not the sharing of life’s up’s and down’s per se, it’s the fact that it all comes across as so negative: X died, Y passed away, broke up with Z….blah blah blah. When in actual fact, I’m a pretty happy person. Rarely does a day go by when I don’t laugh out loud, Cara and I  frequently comment how lucky we are, I’m vocal in the fact that I love my job and it’s these things that I want to come across. But I guess that’s what will come out during the home study in stage two.

One of the most wonderful things to come out of this process so far, is the response from our family and friends. People seem genuinely happy and excited for us and as yet no one has said, Jesus Christ, a child?! you can’t look after a mobile phone/ umbrella/ glasses/ purse/ goldfish*. At least not out loud anyway.

We’ve been so touched by the time and energy our referees are putting into our forms and it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to re-pay their kindness – when you help someone adopt a kid, a box of Quality Street doesn’t quite cut it.

Whilst our children wont have any blood relations on my side of the fam, they’ve got an abundance on Cara’s side, not to mention a hoard of ‘Arn’ties and Non-cles’ all over the world, from Australia to Coventry! Like I said, we’re very lucky people.

*goldfishgate was an unfortunate accident, it bears no relevance to my parenting ability and that is all I have to say on the matter.

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