5. Paperwork

After a lovely holiday in our gorgeous, albeit decrepit campervan, Brian, we returned to a welcome email from the agency detailing dates of ‘Preparation courses’. We needed to book before completing our official ROI (‘Registration of interest’) Frustratingly the October dates fell during half term, a busy time at work, but we can make the November sessions, which would involve travelling to London – which, although costly, is no problem. And kids are costly, we should get used to this.

We were very pleased to see how frequently the prep courses operate (monthly) as we’ve read that some people have waited months and months for one in their region.

We completed our ROI, which includes details of our referees, address and employment history, occupation details and GP info amongst other things. Posting this felt like a somewhat seminal moment.sketch-1539457012349

We also booked our medicals (£132 a pop. ouch.) and received our DBS checks this morning (we’d supplied the docs at our initial interview).

We’re currently working through family trees (thank goodness for Ancestry.co.uk – they offer a 14 day trial, remember to cancel after that to avoid being charged), an ‘eco-map’ (which details your family, friend and organisational support mechanisms) and ‘chronology’, which asks you to plot major life events, erm, chronologically. Obviously.

We know that our referees have received their paperwork, so around the world (they’ve been sent as far as the Middle East), people are writing about us and we can’t even afford to bribe them after stumping up the cash for the blimmin’ medicals. It’s a good thing they’re all pretty ace people.

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