4. Plain sailing

True to her work, the S/W sent over a write up of our interview the very next day. This was in depth and very complimentary about our relationship, which was nice. We were given the opportunity to make any adjustments or challenge inaccuracies, before she submitted.

This document was then sent to senior management, to make the ultimate decision about whether we could proceed.

This time, the sticking point was my medication: Since my early twenties I have taken SSRI’s to help regulate my mood, I’m now on a very low dosage and consider this to be part of my daily regime – akin to brushing my teeth, or putting my top on inside out. Apparently the charity’s policy is that people should stop taking antidepressants before commencing, which is frankly, nuts (more so than me). Fortunately the S/W agreed and made it her mission to make her manager see this too.

We anxiously awaited the phone call, which came as we sat aboard a ferry, crossing the Tyrrenian Sea to Sicily. It was good news. We were good to go.

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