1. The basics

A little bit of context for you: Cara and I have been together since 2014, we purchased a house together last year with the aim to start a family. There has never been any question that we would adopt: without meaning to sound trite, it seems daft to bring another child into the world when there are so many who need loving families.

Some interesting and rather sad statistics here from Coram BAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy.

We also have no desire to be pregnant, we recognise it’s extremely important to many women, but frankly, it seems like a messy business.

We work with and adore children, so whilst we’re not naive enough to think it’s going to be easy, the adoption route was a no brainer.

We’re determined to embrace the journey and use it as a process not only to gain a family, but learn about ourselves and each other. Please remind me of this rather nauseating statement at frequent intervals along the way.

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